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Therapeutic piercing | Patrick Dugas, Acupuncturist 


Patrick Dugas


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One of my patients came to me with a very interesting question the other day. After reading an article on the subject, she asked me if ear piercing could have a therapeutic effect. (see the quote below) The article in question sells the miraculous effects of a piercing at the level of the daith, this part of cartilage above the auditory canal.

In theory this is plausible, but the question is more complex than it seems. So I'm going to answer it in two parts: the short version and the full one!

The short one:
Despite the many auriculotherapy charters, to my knowledge, I don't see any point that would have this effect in this region of the ear. Several charts exist, the French, Germans and Chinese have perfected this practice greatly. The charts differ slightly from one to another. Is it possible that one of these points on the daith has a particular effect on migraines? Yes, in principle it is plausible. Having said that, I do not claim to know everything and in theory, everything is possible until proven otherwise. However, there is a fact to be taken into account, that after a certain period of time a point that is over-stimulated becomes inert and or discharged. So, admitting that this kind of piercing works, it would only be momentary according to the information on the subject.

The long one:
Well... We still need to know what kind of migraine we are talking about. The migraine here is only the end of the equation. In headaches, the head itself is not always the cause. Is it the liver, the stomach, muscular tension in the neck, high blood pressure, displacement of the bones in the neck, stress? A good diagnosis is necessary. Each patient and each case is different. Two people with the same symptoms will not necessarily be treated in the same way.

From this point of view, the theory of the miracle piercing seems less accurate to me.

Many therapists mistakenly use the term "acupressure point". The truth is that there are many points on the body. However, placing a piece of metal on it or applying pressure to it is not enough to fix everything; it is much more elaborate in reality. The synergy between the chosen points is much more important than the point alone.

Let's take a picture to better understand. Compare the points chosen for an acupuncture treatment to the notes chosen to create a musical chord. A single note does not mean much. Rather, it is the harmony created by the other notes that gives meaning to the initial note. The same principle applies to acupuncture. A single point can help, but if we are looking to increase the positive effects tenfold, a well-chosen harmony of points will optimize the success of the treatment. As my music teacher once told me: "It is not important to play all the notes, but to play the right ones!

This is the art of acupuncture and what makes a good practitioner. To effectively choose the points according to the context of each patient. Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure or magic wand. People are often in a hurry to heal and are looking for a quick solution at all costs. The key is to take the time needed.

In conclusion...
Even if the miracle piercing presents some plausible elements, it seems to me unlikely that it will have a prolonged therapeutic effect. As for acupressure, it remains effective in some cases more than others. Asking your acupuncturist for advice is still the best idea!

Something to think about... there are stories that tell us that the sailors who were on the lookout of the ship's masts wore large gold rings in their ears and that this was in fact to tone their eyesight. It was essential for them to have sharp eyesight and to be able to see very far. One of the points that stimulates sight is indeed in the earlobe. So, truth or history, there is a plausible side to this, gold having tonic properties.

So there you have it, I hope this article has helped you clarify the issue of therapeutic piercing.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, it will be my pleasure to take the time to answer you.

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Patrick Dugas, Acupuncturist Ac.