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Acupuncture is the most widely used, recognized and taught form of traditional Chinese medicine in the West.

It presupposes the existence of a vital energy flowing throughout the body, ''Qi'' (pronounced chee), that is necessary for life. Qi travels along a network of pathways in the body called meridians and helps regulate metabolic functioning in the brain, organs, muscles, bones, nerves, glands, etc.

Acupuncture points are specific points along the meridians. Each point has its own characteristics and has been charted and documented by practitioners for thousands of years. Acupuncturists assess for energetic imbalances and focus on the corresponding points to restore the flow of vital energy.

Acupuncture is both a preventive health tool, used to strengthen the body and the mind against illness, and a curative treatment, fostering metabolic, respiratory, digestive and mental balance. In ensuring that all the organs work well, acupuncture improves the vital system’s overall functioning.

Thanks to the latest technology, results of scientific research, and discoveries in the field of medicine, we can now explain the effect of acupuncture’s interaction with the nervous, hormonal, vascular and immune systems.