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Evaluation of running in physiotherapy 

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Running assessment - physiotherapist NDG

What is a running evaluation?

A running evaluation is a comprehensive 1-hour session led by our experienced physical therapist, Danny Dinh. It encompasses an in-depth interview, a biomechanical assessment of your joints, and a focused running analysis. Danny concludes the session by providing tailored advice and exercises aligned with your individual running goals.


Who is Danny?

Danny is an accomplished physical therapist with expertise in sports rehab. Having dedicated over 100 hours to continuing education courses on various lower extremity injuries and an additional 40 hours specifically on physical therapy for running injuries with the Running Clinic, Danny brings a wealth of knowledge to his practice.


Who is this evaluation for?

- Runners currently contending with injuries limiting their training capacity

- Runners prone to frequent injuries

- Individuals new to running, seeking a safe initiation

- Experienced runners aiming to sustain a healthy running practice over the long term


Why choose a running evaluation?

The running evaluation focuses on three key aspects: prevention and minimization of injuries, treatment of ongoing injuries, and the optimization of running performance. Whether you're a weekend warrior or an elite varsity runner, Danny's expertise ensures valuable insights and guidance.


What to bring to the evaluation:

Please come prepared with running attire, including shorts, and any pairs of running shoes you regularly use. Additionally, bringing relevant medical history or records will contribute to a more comprehensive assessment.

If interested, you can book an evaluation by calling our NDG location at 514-664-3233 or at our website

For any questions, please contact Danny directly at