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aesthetic facial acupuncture 

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Facial acupuncture as part of holistic health care

Facial acupuncture as part of overall health

Improving the quality and circulation of Qi and Blood can help reduce signs of aging, such as sagging tissue in the cheeks, jaw, neck and eyes.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), when assessing a patient's state of health, all aspects of the person are considered. The same applies to facial aesthetic acupuncture.

This is why, when undertaking treatments to erase wrinkles, particular attention must be paid to the state of the Zang (Organs) and Fu (Entrails). Each Zang (Yin) is coupled with a Fu (Yang) to create the fundamental Yin/Yang balance.

This is why the acupuncture needle can activate the flow of energy and blood throughout the body. When the internal system is nourished by abundant Qi and Blood, there is sufficient essence to be distributed to all parts of the body. As a result, balanced functioning of this system directly affects facial beauty and the aging process.

When traditional Chinese medicine is combined with facial assessment, every wrinkle or sag in the face can reveal or confirm an imbalance in one or more Zang Fu. If a wrinkle is caused by the disharmony of an internal organ, by treating it directly we can observe a reduction in the appearance of the wrinkle, and by treating the wrinkle we can also improve the health of the Zang Fu. Being able to treat the whole person as part of an aesthetic treatment and balance Yin and Yang increases the benefits and leads to longer-lasting results.


Who can benefit from facial (aesthetic) acupuncture treatment?

The treatment is suitable for men and women of all ages.

As a preventive measure, it can even be beneficial for younger people wishing to slow down the first signs of aging. The technique can also be used to treat scars.

Certain health conditions may make the treatment contraindicated. Please contact your therapist for further information.


Procedure for facial acupuncture treatment

On the day of your appointment, a short interview is held to establish your health status and expectations.

Next, a few needles are placed on the body to support the targeted Zang Fu.

A light preparation of the skin with a tonic lotion and a spray precedes the facial poncture. Local treatment of the face involves between 25 and 30 very fine, superficial needles, which are left in place for around 25 minutes.

At the time of poncture, serum and cream are applied to the chosen areas (forehead, eye and/or lip contour, etc.).

When the needles are removed, a facial oil is applied to allow comfortable use of the Gua Sha, creating a massage and lymphatic drainage of the face and neck.

In general, the treatment results in a beautiful glow on the facial skin and a great sense of relaxation on the part of the patient.

The treatment lasts approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.


What to expect:

  • Improved microcirculation

  • Reduced facial edema (lymphatic drainage)

  • Reduction in the appearance and evolution of wrinkles (scars)

  • Improved tissue tone

  • Reduced loss of epidermal volume

  • Slowing down of collagen fiber degradation



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