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Benjamin Amram

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The good mood is the engine of happiness.

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Biography Benjamin Amram - Osteopath D.O.

Osteopath D.O.

Member of Ostéopathie Québec

Plateau Mont-Royal clinic



  • Graduated from EUROSTEO at Aix en Provence en France
  • Osteopathy for babies with Christian DeFrance de Tersant

  • Structural Osteopathy with Bernard Minodier

  • Endocranial spasmes with Philippe Druelle and Geneviève Forget, treatment of physical affects, traumatic or toxic, emotional and transgenerational

  • Biodynamic and somatoemotional with Bernard Darraillans

I have been greatly interested in the therapeutic approach through manual work for a long time. I first studied massage therapy, and met great osteopathy professors who made me discover this fascinating medicine.

As soon as I graduated in massage therapy in 2003, I went to work on the Réunion Island. On this “intense island”, as we call it, nature is everywhere, and the whole place bursts with energy. And it is in this tropical and magical environment that I started to study osteopathy in 2004, with a team of professors from the Aix-en-Provence school who offered a course in la Réunion.

In 2005, I created a medical office on the island, where I brought together a team of physicians dedicated to massage therapy, physiotherapy, bio-kinetic energy, and of course osteopathy, a medicine on which I have been focusing most of my professional activity since 2009. In this place of care, human communication is a key factor. This is why I wanted to join the Altermed team, who works according to the same dynamics.

Osteopathy is an art to cure. It requires a very accurate observation and a sound attention to patients in order to set up a specific treatment. The techniques I choose are thus consistent with the patients’ physical and mental characteristics.

The practice of men’s gymnastics for many years helped me grasp the importance of a mental representation of the body image. Through my cares, I give back to the tissues that were subjected to an emotional stress or a physical trauma a good neuromuscular command, so as to restore the balance between body and mind. I can thus show the organism the best way to recovery.

I use soft and direct techniques relative to the viscera, skull, joints and all the body tissues.

I will be delighted to welcome you at the Altermed clinic



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