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New tutoring service in NDG - AlterEduc 


Christelle Gall

The clinic opens its doors to a school support service in the NDG borough. 

Located in the center of an interdisciplinary clinic, students will be able to benefit from the services provided by our therapists as needed.

Improved concentration, stress management, body presence, will be some of the benefits to be sought through a stimulating approach with the help of experienced practitioners.

Academic remediation

To help a student who is behind in his or her academic progress in general or in a particular subject.


Exam preparation

To adequately review a school subject in order to be ready for an exam.

Summer courses

To pass the exams and start the next school year with more confidence.


Entrance exam preparation

To prepare your child as well as possible for his or her high school entrance exams so that he or she obtains a good result.



To give your child the boost they need to improve their grades or simply to satisfy their desire to learn.

Homework help

To provide the necessary support for your child's homework and lessons.