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Naturopathy is a philosophy, an art and a science of health based on natural and ecological resources that have demonstrated their effectiveness and safety. The main objective is to educate on health matters as well as prevent and treat organic imbalances in an etiological approach that considers the whole person.

Training and day-to-day practice in naturopathy are based on the understanding of the human body according to biology and the Chinese bio-energy. The Naturopath will give it’s patient a vitality report by asking specific questions about their health habits. To refine this assessment, it uses several methods: herbal medicine, vitaminotherapy, oligotherapy, nutrition, iridology, and aromatherapy.

Naturopathy is a complete and coherent system that focuses primarily on stimulating the natural healing mechanisms of the body. Naturopathic interventions aim to to activate, nurture and strengthen these mechanisms rather than eliminating symptoms or directly attack pathogens.



The origins of naturopathy took place up to 5000 years ago with the traditional Chinese medicine and the medical foundations of ancient Greece. The latest evolution goes back a hundred years. In 1983, the World Health Organization recommended that medical authorities of all countries to integrate naturopathy to public health services.