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Stefanie Brown


Massage therapist

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Biography Stefanie Brown - Massage therapist


Member of the ACTMD

Massotherapist PLATEAU


When I was 27, I had my first massage at the Women's Y. It was a revelation. It was a revelation. I felt grounded like never before, a new sensation, probably because I was constantly stressed without being aware of it. That same evening, I went out dancing without feeling the urge to have a drink.

Twenty years later, after a career as a teacher, I was taking massage courses. The director of a massage school quoted to us what his first massage teacher had said to him: "You're all here because you're looking for a connection". These words struck me because, in one way or another, I'd always had this desire for contact. With my environment, of course, but what I needed most was to connect with myself; I've been a massage therapist since 2012...

If we go through life ignoring our bodily sensations, tension, stress, anxiety, exhaustion and illness can arise because we haven't listened to our body's early warning signals. Massage is an invitation to slow down, listen and discover what our body is telling us.


What I offer:

  • Swedish massage (for relaxation)

  • Deep-tissue massage (a more penetrating massage)

  • Cupping massage (for stubborn tension)

  • Reflexology (foot massage)

  • Infrared heat (deep-penetrating, relaxing heat)

  • Or a combination of the above



  • Sept. 2019 Cupping massage, Setsuko School, Montreal

  • July 2018/May 2019 The healing power of osteopathy / Discovering the inner healer (60 hours), taught by Johannes Brenner, Osteopath, Regensburg, Germany

  • Oct. 2016 Reiki (Master level), taught by Sister Marielle Patenaude, Montreal

  • March 2014/May 2014 Integrated cranial therapy Level I and II (45 hours), Institut Kiné-Concept, Montreal

  • Nov 2013/April 2014 Deep Tissue I / Deep Tissue II (70 hours), la Massotech, Ste-Adèle, QC / Au Centre de soi, Quebec City

  • July 2013 Foot reflexology (60 hours), la Massotech, Ste-Adèle, Quebec

  • Nov. 2012 Swedish massage training (1080 hours), Center de Formation Professionnelle de Lachine, Montreal

  • 2011 / 2012 Introduction to Swedish, shiatsu and Californian massage (45 hours), Guijek, Montreal