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Sport Massage 


Daniel Godin


Sports massage at the Altermed Clinic is above all a therapeutic massage.

Its objectives are precise, and the depth and pace of the techniques allow for the evaluation and correction of body dysfunctions in real time.

It is a unique, pleasant and stimulating experience, based on :

the art of touch of the massage therapist
his/her precise biomechanical and physiological knowledge
his/her personal experience in the field of sports
his/her ability to evaluate the body's needs during the session
his/her precise advice as needed after treatment
The massage therapist takes into account the type of sport you practice, your level and the requirements related to it.

Why consult Sports Massage Therapy?

To increase the flexibility of the muscles
To increase the elasticity of the muscles
Eliminate muscular tensions that reduce the articular amplitude
Eliminate muscle cramps
Eliminate pain due to "muscle knots
Obtain or regain maximum joint range of motion in one or more joints
Reduce knee pain due to muscular tension overload
Relieve muscle pain related to periostitis
Relieve fatigue in the back due to repetitive impacts
Dissolve adhesions that appear following surgery or a deep laceration, which hinder your movements

When should I consult a sports massage therapist?

Throughout your training to help you keep your muscles healthy and keep your joint range of motion complete.
Throughout your training to prevent injuries due to muscle fatigue, tension or loss of mobility.
Before a sporting event to prepare your body to perform better.
During your sport activity to eliminate muscle tension, loss of amplitude and pain that may have occurred during your performance. This way, you will be in better condition for your next performance.
After your sporting event, either a few minutes after or the next day to help you recover more quickly from your efforts during your performance.
Following a sports injury, to accelerate your recovery time and reduce your convalescence time.

The benefits for the athlete

A better oxygenation of muscles and tissues
An increase in the supply of nutrients to the muscles
More efficient elimination of toxins stored in the muscles
An increased mobility
Better memorization of motor patterns
Prevention of injuries due to poorly extensible muscles
Improved recovery time following an injury
Better muscle preparation for an important sporting event
Elimination of the effects of stress on the body before and after a sporting event
Decrease in recovery time after a sporting event

Your massage therapist actively participates in your performance.

Your sports massage therapist must:

Listen to your expectations during your consultations
Know your health status
Know your injuries, surgery and medical problems
Evaluate your muscles and joints through mobility tests and palpation
Understand the movements and requirements of your sport
Understand your personal goals for your sport
Be aware of your training plan
Be aware of your competition schedules

Healthy muscles have the following qualities:

Good tone
Excellent elasticity (ability to return to their original length after stretching)
and flexibility (ability to stretch without tearing or rupturing tendons)

These three components are essential to avoid injuries such as tendonitis, periostitis, strains and sprains. A good pre-workout warm-up and post-workout stretching program will keep your muscles healthy. Regular massage therapy sessions will help maintain these muscular qualities.

Healthy muscles are also :
well oxygenated
well nourished
with an efficient elimination of organic waste
and adequate hydration
To achieve this, it is important to develop a good cardiovascular system, good eating habits and continuous hydration. When one of these elements is deficient, muscular tensions appear and can transform into contractures (muscular knots). These often lead to pain and loss of mobility.

When this happens, your massage therapist is able to eliminate your contractures. In massage therapy, we work with blood circulation, promoting oxygenation, nutrient intake and the elimination of organic waste accumulated in your muscles.

Who can benefit from sports massage?

Sports massage is ideal for regular athletes; whether you are a man, a woman or a child, you can benefit from this type of massage.