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What is naturopathy? 


Julie Choquette

What is naturopathy?

Naturopathy is an alternative approach to health with its own philosophy. Operating on a different logic from conventional medicine, it is often an excellent complement to the latter. In fact, the naturopathic approach allows for in-depth work, known as "field work", thus creating the best conditions to promote overall well-being. 


Although little known to the general public, naturopathy is particularly useful in helping to relieve many symptoms, such as digestive discomforts, various hormonal disorders, musculoskeletal pain, skin disorders, and many other common or less common problems such as certain autoimmune diseases or syndromes that are still not well defined such as fibromyalgia. When it comes to mental health, immune health or cardiovascular health, naturopathy also shows many benefits. 


The starting point of a naturopathic consultation is to paint a general picture of the health condition of the individual in front of us in order to discern the elements that may be involved in the etiology of the discomfort experienced. The identification of the causes likely to generate the symptoms felt by the person allows to start on several tracks which will allow to have a positive impact and thus to support a new balance. 


How to address the problems of each person through naturopathy?

Many therapeutic tools are available to therapists to help people who consult. These include a targeted diet adapted to the individual, the use of medicinal plants, available in many forms (herbal teas, mother tinctures) to facilitate their daily use, a wide range of food supplements such as minerals and vitamins, which impact key biochemical processes of the body, hydrotherapy, stress management strategies and many others! In this way, the first follow-up will allow for the implementation of a plan to integrate these various changes into daily life. 


Let's take a few examples. 


A woman comes to the clinic with period pain, bloating and acne. Instead of focusing on relieving each of these symptoms directly, the naturopath will try to find the elements that contribute to the emergence of all of these symptoms. For example, it is possible that the daily ingestion of certain unsuitable foods that promote inflammation can lead to symptoms in all these areas! Working to review eating habits, optimizing digestion and resolving inflammation can bring many benefits! 


The naturopath's work consists of drawing up a global portrait of the person, thus making it possible to make links between the various symptoms to positively impact the vitality and health of the individual, and this in a natural way and without side effects!