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Get your head out of the bag! Nancy Fournier, Speaker 


Genevieve Dostie


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When my heart speaks to me
A pattern is a set of beliefs, thoughts, fears, that play over and over in your mind.

It will always surface when you have a genius idea for a new project, to express something to someone, to start a new activity where you have no experience or for anything else that takes you out of your comfort zone.

All the inspirations that come from your heart are immediately held back by all the possible good reasons that may exist, in order to avoid all the evaluated dangers and the fear of the unknown.

Believing that this part of yourself is really right, you choose to stop the spontaneous movement, which came from the heart and vibrated within you, all the while telling yourself: it is probably better this way.

So you come to say that you are not that happy and you do not understand why. Then you find that you have no inspiration, but in fact you have always had inspiration, you have just not listened to the right Voice.

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In my relationships with others
The pattern in relationships is the same set of beliefs, thoughts and fears that will lead you to choose a type of person to accompany you in your daily life.

If you attract a type of person, it is because there is something in you that attracts them, like a magnet. Why them and not other people? Everything has a reason and you can find out!

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How is the pattern created?
The pattern may have been created by what we heard during our childhood through our parents, grandparents, teachers, media, etc. It has become a song that plays in our heads.

It became a song that plays on a loop in our head every time the opportunity arose where we were ready to vibrate in unison with ourselves.

The pattern can also have another source, that is, to have been created by a situation that we were not able to accept and that crystallized in us. So, every time we experience a situation, what we see is not reality, but this unresolved wound from the past.

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How to know more?
To know several tools to become conscious in your daily life and transform your reality. I invite you to my conference: Get your head out of the bag!

An interactive conference where laughter and emotions will be part of the program.

What could be better than learning through humor and practice? You will discover how to identify your life patterns that prevent you from being happy and how to release them.

For more details on the conference:


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See you on February 7th, 7pm, at the Altermed Clinic in NDG.
Nancy Fournier, Speaker