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Benjamin Amram


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Our bodies are made up of about 70% liquid.

These liquids include water, blood, which transports oxygen to the cells, lymph, which is responsible for the body's defenses, interstitial fluid, which promotes exchanges between nutrition and waste, and cerebrospinal fluid, the liquid in which our nervous system is immersed.

Our emotions, such as stress, fear, sadness or joy are registered and conveyed by the fluids.

Emotion is the essence of the engine of life, it must circulate.

In life, we all encounter difficulties such as heartache, the loss of a job or the loss of a loved one. In these moments, the liquid agitation of the body becomes so important that in certain zones, the liquids can condense and thus form an emotional cyst, the zone freezes and the energy does not pass any more.

This creates a blockage that can lead to tension and pain, which is called somato emotional disorder. The greatest difficulty for human beings is often to release their emotions. Most of the time, we keep them in our memory and they alter the original joy of living that is present in each of us.

Using various and gentle techniques, the osteopath drains the emotional overload in order to accompany the patient to a return to calm and peace of mind. During this release, the emotion locked up for too long in a tissue or a joint, dissipates and the harmonious circulation of liquids can resume its course. As a result, the natural mechanisms of health can work again and heal pain and tension.

We must learn to let our emotions flow through us, in order to experience them, understand them, analyze them, and above all let them go to make room for those that are constantly coming in. Also, relaxation techniques, meditation and a healthy lifestyle help the free flow of emotions.

Do not hesitate to contact your osteopath to help you express what you hold most dear in the world, your joy of living, the basis of good health.


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Benjamin Amram, Osteopath D.O