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Anatomy of breathing muscles 


Izaak Lavarenne


Breathing is the most important vital function of the human body. Unfortunately, too little importance is given to it in our priorities when we think about the maintenance of our body. Although I do not advise it, it is often said that the human body can function for 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water and 3 minutes without oxygen before deterioration. So why don't we spend more time taking care of our respiratory health?


The role of systemic respiration is to take oxygen from the air and circulate it through the bloodstream. Oxygen is required for the majority of chemical reactions in your body that require energy. Less oxygen means less energy for your body to use.


I will review your respiratory anatomy and then give you some tips on how to maintain it. It is important to note that the intercostal muscles, although involved in any respiratory movement, will be ignored, as they are rarely the source of problems and are therefore very rarely the target of treatment.

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