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Difference Between Psychologist and Psychotherapist 


Clinique Altermed

Psychotherapy, an activity practiced by psychologists and other licensed professionals.

Psychotherapy is psychological treatment. It aims at changes in attitude, behavior, habits, way of thinking or reacting in a person, in order to allow him to suffer suffering or to treat, for example, depression or anxiety. It also allows him to find answers to his questions, to solve problems, to make choices, to understand himself better and thus to live better.

In Quebec, the law regulates psychotherapy, a license is necessary to practice it: psychologist's license, doctor's license or psychotherapist's license.

When it comes to psychotherapy, the psychologist, the licensed psychotherapist and the doctor authorize the same treatment.


The psychologist, a professional exercising more than one activity

Psychotherapy is central to the practice of clinical psychologists, but the practice of psychology is not limited to this activity. Psychologists can practice in several other sectors where they are called upon to carry out professional activities other than psychotherapy. This is the case in school psychology, in psycho-legal expertise, in neuropsychology, in social and community psychology, in work and organizational psychology, in health psychology, in teaching and in research.

Among these various professional activities, there is the evaluation of psychological and mental functioning, the evaluation of mental disorders (psychological diagnosis), the evaluation of neuropsychological disorders (neuropsychological diagnosis) for those who are entitled to it, the evaluation in matters of custody, assessment in matters of adoption. Psychological diagnosis, for example, can conclude the presence of depression, anxiety disorders or attention deficit, to name a few. The psychological diagnosis can also allow people to obtain fair and relevant services offered in the health or education network.


The title of psychotherapist

The title of psychotherapist cannot be worn alone. It should be referred to by the person's professional title (for example: nurse psychotherapist). This allows people who wish to access their services to know exactly what the professional profile of the psychotherapist is.