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Aesthetic acupuncture: anti-wrinkle method 


Nadège Agostini



Acupuncture has existed for 5,000 years. It is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine and is a natural treatment technique. It aims to promote, maintain or restore energy balance by stimulating points located throughout the body. It takes into account the physical and psychological symptoms, it is a global approach of the individual. The vital energy, the "QI" (pronounced Tchi) circulates in the body through channels called meridians and will feed the brain, organs, muscles, bones, nerves, skin, glands and thus maintain a proper functioning of the metabolism.



Acupuncture is used for both men and women, as a preventive measure, as soon as the first wrinkles appear or as a curative measure. Acupuncture aesthetic care aims to naturally bring radiance to the face, tighten the epidermis, tone the muscles, activate collagen production and promote circulation and inter-cellular exchange.


This treatment can also be used in anticipation of a facelift surgery and post-surgery to preserve the effects of the surgery in the long term. The number of sessions varies according to the patient's general condition and age.


  • Not recommended for people suffering from acne

  • Not recommended for people suffering from rosacea