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Osteopathy and pregnancy 


Benjamin Amram


During pregnancy, the woman will experience some physical and mental changes. Indeed, changes occur at the postural, visceral and emotional level. We will underline in this article how the osteopath can accompany and lead with harmony some essential aspects of these modifications in this marvelous adventure.

At the postural level, the push of the belly will create tensions on the posterior shrouds of the body and thus modify its statics and its dynamics. It is essential to check the mobility of the joints of the pelvis and the whole of the spine to reduce its tensions. We will pay particular attention to the mobility of the posterior joints of the pelvis, namely the sacroiliac joints because it is they which, by a movement called nutation, allow the opening of the pelvis for the passage of the baby during childbirth.

Regarding the visceral level, we are going to highlight the concerns of nausea and digestion during pregnancy. In Chinese medicine, stomach energy flows from top to bottom. After fertilization,

the uterus closes its doors and the blood is no longer evacuated during menstruation. Because of this, the energy of the fetus rises and goes against the energy of the stomach. This is disturbed and can trigger nausea. The more the growth of the fetus is

harmonious in the small pelvis, at least the energy tends to rise.

So to calm nausea, the osteopath can work on the uterus bladder complex with gentle tissue listening techniques. In addition, to help calm this nausea, we can relax the stomach, especially the inner edge which is connected to the liver by a tissue called the lesser omentum, which contains part of the common bile duct, a very important bile duct for digestion.

At the emotional level, the woman is balanced between the joy of having a child and the fear of the investment that it requires. In addition, pregnancy causes a significant change in hormonal activity. This explains the increase in emotivity and sensitivity. For this we can work on the stability of the involuntary nervous system through the cranio-sacral axis. This work consists of regulating the micro-movements of the skull and the sacrum which are driven by the fluctuation of the cerebrospinal fluid, a liquid in which our nervous system is immersed.

To conclude, with a global approach adapted to each pregnant woman, osteopathy as well as naturopathy and acupuncture can provide valuable assistance for the smooth running of pregnancy.

Benjamin Amram, Osteopath D.O.