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Comparative table to better visualize the complementarities between physiotherapy and osteopathy 


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Osteopathy Physiotherapy

This table highlights the differences and complementarities between physiotherapy and osteopathy, showcasing their respective approaches, goals, and techniques. Both professions can play complementary roles in the overall management of patients' health and well-being.

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Osteo vs Physio

Aspects Physiotherapy Osteopathy
Education and Skills Training in rehabilitation, manual therapy, physical modalities. Holistic training encompassing medical sciences and manual techniques.
Approach Rehabilitation, prevention, musculoskeletal and neurological treatment. Comprehensive, structural, and energetic approach to the body.
Objectives Restoration of mobility, muscle strengthening, pain management. Global rebalancing, self-regulation, self-healing.
Techniques Exercises, physical modalities, manual therapy. Gentle joint and tissue manipulation.
Function Functional restoration and injury prevention. Restoration of structural and energetic harmony.
Holistic Approach Focused on physical rehabilitation and injury prevention. Encompasses structure, function, and energetic balance.
Pain Management Utilization of various pain relief techniques. Approach incorporating circulation of bodily fluids.
Posture and Ergonomics Advice for better posture and ergonomics. Consideration of emotional and environmental factors.