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Discover the uniqueness of Clinique Altermed: your choice for alternative health care on the Plateau-Mont-Royal 


Clinique altermed

If you're looking for a holistic approach to health and a wide range of alternative health services, you're sure to appreciate what Clinique Altermed has to offer.

Located in the heart of Montreal's Plateau-Mont-Royal, our clinic stands out for its unique approach and comprehensive selection of services. To find out more about what sets Clinique Altermed apart, read on:


A holistic approach to Health

At Clinique Altermed, we take a holistic approach to health. We understand that your well-being goes beyond the mere absence of symptoms. That's why we take into account all aspects of your being - physical, emotional and mental - to offer you comprehensive, personalized care.

A variety of alternative services

Our clinic brings together a team of qualified and skilled professionals, each bringing their expertise in areas such as acupuncture, naturopathy, osteopathy, massage therapy, chiropractic and much more. This variety of services gives you the choice and confidence to find the treatments that best suit your needs.


Personalized care for optimal results

With us, every patient is treated as a unique individual. We believe your needs and preferences are important. That's why we personalize our treatment plans to ensure you receive the care that's right for you.


Balancing Tradition and Modernity

At Clinique Altermed, we skilfully combine the principles of traditional medicine with modern advances. This balanced approach enables us to offer you effective and relevant treatments, while respecting the fundamentals of alternative therapies.

A welcoming space for you

From the moment you enter our clinic, you'll be welcomed into an environment that promotes relaxation and well-being. We believe that ambiance plays an essential role in your treatment experience, which is why we've created a welcoming space where you can feel at ease.


Take time to discover Clinique Altermed

If you're looking for personalized alternative health care, Clinique Altermed is here for you. Our holistic approach, skilled team and commitment to personalized care ensure a care experience that meets your individual needs. Join us to discover what it really means to take care of your well-being.