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Physiotherapy is a therapy aimed at maximizing, restoring and maintaining strength, physical function and motor skills using physical means, such as manual therapy, exercises and massages. (Please note that at our clinic, no electrotherapy means or machines are used during therapy such as ultrasound or TENS, etc.).

The therapist ensures that the client regains normal, if not optimal, physical fitness.

The physiotherapist, with his or her in-depth knowledge of the functioning of the human body, has the manual clinical skills to assess, diagnose and treat the symptoms of diseases, injuries and disabilities.

During the assessment, your physiotherapist will measure your physical function, strengths and weaknesses, gait and analyze your posture, balance, joint range of motion, etc.

The physiotherapist can prescribe personalized therapeutic exercises and teach you how to move better, how to restore mobility and regain more freedom of movement in order to prevent injury and damage to the body.

Depending on your condition, treatments may include mobilization, manual therapy, pain reduction techniques, general exercises to improve your respiratory and cardiac capacity, demonstration of therapeutic exercises and teaching you about your overall health in order to establish a treatment plan and inform you of the prognosis for your maximum improvement.

In order to speed up your recovery, the physiotherapist may also recommend the use of a cane, walking stick, crutches, or walkers.

With his or her clinical assessment skills and professional judgment, your physiotherapist works closely with you and frequently with other health care professionals to ensure that your goals of returning to optimal health are met more quickly and effectively.

These treatments, which focus on the client's self-empowerment, allow you to acquire the physical abilities necessary for social integration, activities of daily living, and the accomplishment of work, leisure or sport.

Care centered on your needs; based on the results of the evaluation, your physiotherapist will establish a diagnosis and work as a team with you to give you a personalized treatment and an idea of the prognosis.

Rest assured that your therapist will be able to guide you in the way you do your exercises. Results and progress will be reviewed at follow-up sessions. The sessions will be adjusted to the changes you have experienced.



Anyone who has questions about their optimal physical condition:

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